Our mission is simple: provide our fellow small businesses with best-of-breed technology and marketing solutions.

Utilizing over 18 years of technical experience and ten years in the trenches of digital marketing, the folks at Robot Army combine creativity, tech chops, and a commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients. We've generated tens of thousands of leads and millions in revenue for ourselves and our clients.

Some of our specialties include:

  • Marketing automation systems: we create campaigns that turn heads, persuade hearts, and drive action—all on autopilot.
  • Data-driven content strategies: we combine powerful tracking tools with a knack for storytelling to create compelling, original content with built-in engagement measurements.
  • WordPress wizardry: we build custom websites using WordPress that do everything you need and that don't require a graduate degree to operate.

Meet the Team

Brett Kelly


Brett makes the words work and the machines hum.

Equal parts wordsmith and computer nerd, Brett has been working in technology since 2001. He's the author of Evernote Essentials, widely considered to be the definitive guide to Evernote. During its existence, the guide sold over 85,000 copies.

His career as a software developer spanned a variety of roles and platforms across a full decade. He's also been writing professionally since 2008.

As a college dropout, Brett is self-taught and holds no degrees or professional designations. He's fine with that.

These days, he builds digital marketing campaigns, creates and maintains WordPress websites, and writes like it's going to be outlawed tomorrow morning.

In his spare time, Brett reads a ton and tries, often in vain, to make his wife and kids laugh. He also drinks enough coffee to give the average pack mule a cardiac episode.

Whiskey the Dog

Good Boy

Whiskey is an integral member of the RA team.

Filling a variety of roles including sounding board, cheerleader, and foot-warmer, Whiskey provides invaluable support for Robot Army's creative and technical efforts.

While not assisting Brett in running Robot Army, Whiskey enjoys alerting his family to passing dogs and delivery trucks, having his belly rubbed, and napping.

All the Robots

The Real Heroes

"Is this some kind of joke? It's just a dude and his dog?"

What allows Robot Army to effectively serve its clients without a huge staff is the expert use of technology: marketing automations, systems monitoring, automated data-gathering—all systems we've harnessed to do the grunt work while we focus on the tasks and endeavors that require creativity and human-grade problem-solving.

We call these mechanical helpers "robots" around the office.

Our extensive technical background gives us the ability to build our own systems, hook existing systems together, and put technology to greater use than many others.