Content marketing is a long game. It just is.

Some don’t have the stomach for it. They want results, sales, and all of the other benefits of a consistent, well-executed content strategy, but without the patience and planning. It’s another symptom of an on-demand existence.

In an effort to force the positive outcome they seek, they get aggressive. Instead of being consistently helpful and entertaining, they coat their message in a thick layer of made-up urgency.

And without even trying, they become yet another carnival barker, trying to seal the deal prematurely. It’s undignified and smacks of desperation.

Thing is, this kind of content is exhausting to consume. People tire of it quickly and they leave to tend to their frayed nerves.

Like Ms. Holiday is suggesting, don’t rush up to the stranger with outsized professions of love (or success or wealth or anything else).

Instead, just try to connect. Start there and go slow.

Consistently publish the good stuff and see who engages. Give them time to fall in love before instead of proposing marriage fifteen minutes into the first date.