All the Robots

"Is this some kind of joke? It's just a dude and his dog?" What allows Robot Army to effectively serve its clients without a huge staff is the expert use of technology: marketing automations, systems monitoring, automated data-gathering—all systems we've harnessed to do the grunt work while we focus on the tasks and endeavors that […]

Whiskey the Dog

Whiskey is an integral member of the RA team. Filling a variety of roles including sounding board, cheerleader, and foot-warmer, Whiskey provides invaluable support for Robot Army's creative and technical efforts. While not assisting Brett in running Robot Army, Whiskey enjoys alerting his family to passing dogs and delivery trucks, having his belly rubbed, and […]

Brett Kelly

Brett makes the words work and the machines hum. Equal parts wordsmith and computer nerd, Brett has been working in technology since 2001. He's the author of Evernote Essentials, widely considered to be the definitive guide to Evernote. During its existence, the guide sold over 85,000 copies. His career as a software developer spanned a […]